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People everywhere are proud of the schools they have attended, and often show the world from which institution of higher learning they have graduated by wearing an “Alumni Of” shirt. Those of us whose coming of age occurred during a long gone era often say “I’m from the Old School” when talking to our kids or dealing with the younger generation. Old School to me means how I was educated, the values that I hold and the lessons I learned on dealing with people, and conducting business. Just as receiving a degree from an institute of higher education will earn you “alumni” status; so too will being educated on the “old school” way of life. For those of us who are proud of how we were raised, the music we enjoy, the cars we drive, and the valuable lessons that we learned that have made us the person we are today….You now have an alumni that you too can be proud to be a part of…Old School Alumniā€¦OSA, Are You A Member Yet?OSAmini

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